LIGHTHEAVY        BOB AJISAFE (Champion, England) v KERRY FOLEY (Australia)

WELTER    SAM EGGINGTON (Champion, England) v CAMERON HAMMOND (Australia)

SUPERLIGHT     JOHN WAYNE HIBBERT (Champion, England) v DAVE RYAN (England)

FEATHER     ISAAC LOWE (Champion, England) v TSHIFHIWA MUNYAI (South Africa)

As advised in our Bulletin of 5th January, the above contests are open for negotiations between the parties and any promoter.

If voluntary agreement is possible the Hon Secretary must be advised formally by all parties ie the promoter and both boxers or their authorized representatives no later than 12 00 midday FRIDAY 11TH MARCH 2016.

In the event that voluntary agreement is not possible purse bids are called for to be opened by the CBC Chairman, PHILIP BROOK SMITH QC at :-







                                   at 4 00 pm on :-




All bids must include a date and venue for the contest


Bids must be in sealed individual envelopes for each bid, clearly marked on the outside  ‘PO Initials of both boxers’ eg for Lightheavyweight ‘ PO BA/KF’.

Bids may be presented personally by any interested promoter or representative and will be opened in the presence of any person delivering such sealed bid/s. All bidding promoters not present will be notified of the result as soon as possible afterwards.

Any bid received after the 4 00pm deadline will not be considered and only opened if necessary to enable return to the bidder.

If not presented personally, bids may be sent via post or reputable carrier such as FedEx or UPS, but responsibility for ensuring these are received prior to the 4 00pm deadline will rest with the bidding promoter. Any promoter sending a bid or bids via any carrier must ensure that each individual bid is in a separate envelope marked as described above, and if included together in a large envelope, this must clearly be marked ‘FOR THE PERSONAL ATTENTION OF PHILIP BROOK SMITH QC . PURSE BIDS NOT TO BE OPENED BEFORE 4 00PM 14/3/16’


All contests should take place before 30TH JUNE 2016 although a reasonable extension may be permitted at the discretion of the Hon Secretary strictly provided notification of the proposed date is advised to him at least 48 hours prior to opening of bids. In the event of any dispute regarding a date extension, a final and binding decision will be made by the Hon Secretary, following consultation with President and Chairman.


The foregoing must be read carefully in conjunction with ‘TERMS OF PURSE BIDS FOR COMMONWEALTH CHAMPIONSHIPS’ sent via attachment with this Bulletin.



Hon Secretary

Commonwealth Boxing Council