Weekly Report

February 18 - 22 2014

February 18


Bangkok, Thailand: Fly: Nawaphon (20-0) W TKO 4 Shusong Zhuang (0-3). Bantam: Srisaket (25-3-1) W KO 2 Alexis Barateau (0-2). Bantam: Suriyan (33-5-1) W KO 1 Serichai (0-1).

Nawaphon vs. Zhuang

Just one of three truly disgraceful mismatches sees WBC No 6 Nawaphon beat up poor Chinese southpaw Zhuang. Any time from the second onwards the fight could have been stopped but the referee let it continue until the fourth. Now 14 wins by KO/TKO for 22-year-old Nawaphon but this was a farce. The traceable record for Zhuang only show three fights and they have all been scheduled for twelve rounds and was for Nawaphon WBC ABC title which the WBC should be thoroughly ashamed of, once they finish counting the sanctioning fee. Where does ring safety come in when a major sanctioning body will endorse fights like this?

Srisaket vs. Barateau

WBC super fly champion Srisaket in another horrible “match”. After taking it easy in the first Srisaket put Barateau away with an uppercut in the second. The 27-year-old likes to keep busy and 5 of his last 6 fights have been scheduled for six rounds. He has 23 wins by KO/TKO. Only one other fight traceable for Frenchman Barateau and that was a first round kayo loss to WBC No 3 Noknoi.

Suriyan vs. Serichai

Yet another piece of rubbish sees former WBC super fly champion Suriyan end this one with a left to the body in the first round. No trace of any previous fights for Serichai although it is possible he did some kick boxing, but again no trace.


February 19


Sydney, Australia: Middle: Daniel Geale (30-2) W TKO 6 Garth Wood (12-4-1). Light Heavy: Robert Berridge (23-1-1) W TKO 10 Kerry Foley (14-2-1). Cruiser: Brad Pitt (15-0) W KO 1 Emosi Solitua (4-1). Cruiser: Shane Quinn (8-1-1) W TKO 4 Jake Revill(7-1). Super Feather: Kye MacKenzie (6-0) W Addisu Tebebu (5-3-3).

Geale vs. Wood

Geale outclasses Wood and is now looking for Gennady Golovkin. After Wood attempting to head butt Geale at the weigh-in and a near cancellation around Wood wanting to wear old boxing gloves and Geale’s camp expressing fears this indicated an attempt a glove tampering the fight went ahead, but the gloves quality was irrelevant. In the first a right cross drove Wood into a corner and as Geale unloaded Wood thrust himself out between the ropes to get some respite and took a count. In the second a body punch put Wood down but the referee ruled it a low blow and deducted a point from Geale. Wood got into the fight a bit in the third and fourth but Geale was controlling the fight from centre ring and Wood was only throwing single shots. In the fifth Geale threw a left hook followed by a straight right to the chin and Wood went down heavily. He was in deep trouble and only the bell saved him although with the referee not hearing the bell initially Wood absorbed a few extra shots. In the sixth a chopping right from Geale sent Wood tumbling down in a corner but again the bell went before Geale could finish the job. Wood’s corner had seen enough, belatedly, and wisely retired him. Second win for the 32-year-old Tasmanian since losing his IBF title to Darren Barker in August. He wins the vacant IBF Pan Pacific title and is currently rated IBF 3 (2)/WBA 3/WBC 4 so very much in the mix for a title fight. Wood, 35, came to prominence when he won the right to Anthony Mundine fight through an Australian TV tournament and then halted Mundine. Subsequent losses to Mundine and Sam Soliman had dented his reputation but he was WBA 13 going in.

Berridge vs. Foley

Berridge clears up the draw on his record but Foley made him fight hard for the win. Southpaw Berridge was in charge early but was rocked by Foley in the fifth. From then on it was a back and forth fight with both fighters hurt and on the floor. Foley put Berridge down in the sixth only to be forced to go down himself in the seventh. He fought back hard but now Berridge was on top. There was a minor fracas at the end of the eighth when Foley landed some shots after the bell which saw Berridge’s seconds in the ring protesting vehemently and putting their fighter in danger of being disqualified. Berridge continued his pressure and in the tenth and an exhausted Foley again went down and the fight was stopped. The 29-year-old New Zealander, rated No 14 by the WBO, now has 8 wins in a row by KO/TKO since losing to Blake Caparello in 2012. This was No 19 by KO/TKO in all. He showed no relaxation of his aggression after last opponent Daniel MacKinnon almost came to grief after their fight. “The Butcher” never actually worked as a butcher but was a furniture maker so the nickname comes from the punishment he hands out in the ring. Australian Foley, 26, was having his first fight since drawing with Berridge in July 2011 and the showing he put up here indicates he can compete at a high level if more active.

Pitt vs. Solitua

Pitt gets back into action-briefly. Samoan Solitua came out firing but Pitt took his time and then landed a straight right and a left hook that put Solitua down on his back and out. First fight for 15 months for 32-year-old “Hollywood”

Quinn vs. Revill

Revill was cut early in a clash of heads but Quinn was too strong for him anyway. The Sydney fighter kept up the pressure and with Revill trapped on the ropes a barrage of shot put him down in the fourth and the fight was stopped. Now 7 wins in a row and 6 wins by KO/TKO for 37-year-old New South Wales State champion and ANBF No 4. Revill, 26, is the son of former New Zealand champion and Commonwealth title challenger Lance Revill.

MacKenzie vs. Tebebu

Australian champion MacKenzie wears down Ethiopian-born Tebebu before halting him with body punches in the third round. The 21-year-old former double Australian Youth champion has 4 wins by KO/TKO. First fight for over a year for Tebebu.


February 20


Panama City, Panama: Fly: Luis Concepcion (31-3) W TEC DEC 8 Carlos Fontes (17-2). Welter: Alberto Mosquera (21-0-2,2ND) W KO 5 Fidel Monterrosa Munoz (31-9-1,1ND). Super Fly: Jon Arias (15-9) W TKO 2 Ricardo Nunez (26-5).

Concepcion vs. Fontes

“El Nica” Concepcion gets a technical verdict after a clash of heads in the seventh sees the Panamanian suffer two bad cuts above his left eye and as the cuts worsens the fight is stopped early in the ninth round. The former interim WBA champion Concepcion had floored Mexican Fontes with an overhand right in the fifth. The cut in the seventh seemed to galvanise Concepcion who then chose to go toe-to-toe with Fuentes and scored a flash knockdown. Fontes the stronger and bigger man and careless with his head throughout made Concepcion fight hard for the win. Scores 88-83 twice and 88-81. Fontes lost a point in the seventh for that clash of heads. Concepcion, 28, retains his WBC Silver title for the third time and is rated WBC2/IBF 3(1)/WBO 11. He has won 8 fights in a row since losing to Herman Marquez for the WBA fly title in 2011.Fontes 23 had won his last 7 fights by KO/TKO but was moving way up in class

Mosquera vs. Munoz

Mosquera was finding Colombian Munoz a tough opponent with the visitor using his height and reach advantages. However Mosquera slowly closed the distance and produced a wicked southpaw left hook to the body that put Munoz down and he could not continue. The 26-year-old Panamanian wins the interim WBC Fecarbox title. He had outpointed Munoz in 2012 but the result was change to No Decision when Mosquera tested positive for marijuana. Now 5 wins and that No Decision bout for Mosquera since back-to-back draws with Johan Perez and Brunet Zamora in 2011. Munoz, 25, lost a close decision to Humberto Soto for the WBC light title in 2010 but was well beaten by Soto in a non-title fight. He has been an in and out performer since then and was halted in five rounds by Antonio DeMarco in his last fight in August.

Arias vs. Nunez

Not everything went Panama’s way as Dominican Arias forgot to play the role of victim and halted local Nunez in two rounds. Both were trading in the first without much thought of defence. In the second a body shot from Arias put Nunez down, he got up but a volley of shots put him down again. He made it to his feet but was an open target and was about to go down for the third time when the referee stopped the fight. Big win for the 31-year-old Dominican who had been 3-3 in his last 6 fights. He has 13 wins by KO/TKO. Punch resistance has been the weakness of “El Matematico” Nunez and this was his fourth loss by KO/TKO. In title fights he was halted by Moruti Mthalane for the IBF fly title and Juan Carlos Reveco for the secondary WBA crown.


February 21


Dover, DE, USA: Welter: Ray Robinson (17-2) W PTS 12 Aslanbek Kozaev (25-1-1). Feather: Cornelius Lock (22-6-2) W TKO 4 Rogers Mtagwa (27-16-2),

Robinson vs. Kozaev

Impressive win for Robinson as he shows he can change his tactics where circumstances dictate. To begin with the tall southpaw was outboxing the aggressive Russian but by the third round Kozaev was starting to shorten the distance and putting Robinson under pressure. That pressure almost paid off in the fifth when a right had Robinson rocking and he had to clinch his way to safety. Kozaev was walking Robinson down in the sixth, but Robinson seemed to have recovered. Robinson knew he needed to change tactics as Kozaev was rolling and instead of using his superior speed to stay outside he stood and traded more and was getting the better of the exchanges over the next four rounds. Having built an unassailable lead Robinson went back to his boxing over the last two rounds and took the decision. Scores 118-110 twice and 117-111. Now 6 wins in a row for Robinson as he rebuilds after back-to-back losses to Brad Solomon and Shawn Porter. The 28-year-old IBF No 15, a former competitor at the World University Games, gets his best win so far and retains his NABA and USBA titles. Russian “Warrior” Kozaev, 26, had good wins over Andrei Abramenka (17-1-2) and Sasha Yengoyan (21-0-1) but had looked ordinary in drawing with novice David Avanesyan in March last year.

Lock vs. Mtagwa

Southpaw Lock halts former WBO super bantam and WBC feather title challenger in four rounds. Lock was far sharper than the Tanzanian-born Mtagwa who was having his first fight since September 2011. Mtagwa had never been a classy stylist but he was even more ragged than usual and Lock was able get through with his shots over the first three rounds. In the fourth a left from Lock sent Mtagwa tumbling into a corner and facing out of the ring. With Lock throwing punches round the side of Mtagwa and Mtagwa virtually retiring himself by keeping his back turned the referee stopped the fight. The 35-year-old Lock has a habit of losing when he goes to the top but is too good for many of the middle level fighters. Consecutive losses to Daniel Ponce De Leon and Mikey Garcia in 2010 sent him into retirement but he returned in January 2013 and has now won three and drew in his previous fight with Mike Oliver. Mtagwa, 34, lost on points to Juan Manuel Lopez for the WBO super bantam title and to Yuriorkis Gamboa for the secondary WBA feather title before losing in two rounds to Jhonny Gonzalez for the WBC title in September 2011 and retiring.


Cleveland, OH, USA: Light: Henry Lundy (24-3-1) W PTS 10 Angelo Santana (14-2). Light Welter: Amir Imam (13-0) W TKO 4 Jared Robinson (14-1). Heavy: Ray Austin (29-6) W PTS 6 Earl Ladson (15-23-1,1ND).

Lundy vs. Santana

“Hank” Lundy moves back down to lightweight and gets wide unanimous decision over Cuban southpaw Santana. The Cuban was in the fight early but as the rounds progressed the quickness and constant pressure from Lundy saw Santana fade. Lundy, also a southpaw, dictated the tactics and the pace in this one and Santana looked one dimensional. He tried to fight on the inside but Lundy had the power and although he traded more than he needed have he was never in any danger. He punctuated his dominance by flooring Santana with a right in the ninth round and won on scores of 98-91 from all three judges. Consecutive losses to Ray Beltran on a majority decision and in an away match against Viktor Postl in Ukraine had knocked the 30-year-old Philadelphian back but he rebounded with a wide unanimous decision over Olusegun Ajose in July. “La Cobra” Santana, 25, had good wins in 2012 over Justin Savi and unbeaten Johnny Garcia but in his only fight in 2013 was overpowered and halted in nine rounds by novice Bahodir Mamadjonov.

Imam vs. Robinson

Prospect Imam given some rough moments by Robinson but had the class and made it tell. He was hard pressed over the first three rounds by the aggression of Robinson but was scoring with hard counters. In the fourth Imam got through with two left jabs and a straight right. The punch sent Robinson into and through the ropes and head first out of the ring and onto the floor upside down. Robinson managed somehow to get himself together and gingerly get back inside the ropes within the 20 seconds allowed, but the referee decided he had seen enough and stopped the fight. The 23-year-old “Young Master” from Albany has won 12 of his 13 fights by KO/TKO, the last 11 in a row and ten of those inside two rounds. A top amateur he lost out to Errol Spence at the US Olympic Trials. Robinson, 31, was having his first scheduled ten round fight and this was too big a step up in opposition.

Austin vs. Ladson

A rusty “Rainman” plods to an uninspired decision over the slightly younger Ladson. Not much in the way of highlights as Austin won every round. Scores 60-54 from all three judges. The 43-year-old local was having his first fight since being stopped in nine rounds by Bermane Stiverne in a WBC eliminator in June 2011. Five losses in a row for 40-year-old “Chocolate Drop” Ladson.


Lincoln, RI, USA: Cruiser: Glen Johnson (54-18-2) W TKO 4 Jamie Velasquez (11-6-2). Feather: Toka Kahn Clary (10-0,1ND) W TKO 2 Carlos Fulgencio (19-13-1).

Johnson vs. Velasquez

Velasquez performed better than the promoter and matchmaker had any right to expect. In his first fight since July 1999 the 41-year-old was fairly competitive for three rounds. In the fourth Johnson stepped up a gear and it was soon all over. A body punch hurled Velasquez into the ropes and although he did not go down a right sent him floundering again and his corner threw in the towel. Too easy for the 45-year-old Jamaican “Road Warrior” as he makes it three wins since a run of losses to Carl Froch, Lucien Bute, Andrzej Fonfara and George Groves. Velasquez had a run of 4 losses and two draws before retiring in 1997 so bringing him back at this level was a disgrace. Where could the organisers hide if Velasquez was had been seriously injured?

 Clary vs. Fulgencio

Former top amateur Clary just hits too hard for Dominican Fulgencio. After winning the first round southpaw Clary floored Fulgencio three times in the first 70 seconds of the second round and the fight was stopped. The 21-year-old Liberian-born “T Nice” was NGG champion in 2010 and won silver medals at the 2009 NGG’s and US Championships but lost to Raynell Williams at the US Olympic Trials. He has 7 wins by KO/TKO. Fulgencio, 33, has 8 losses in a row, 6 by KO/TKO.


Orange, Australia: Light Middle: Sam Ah See (10-0-1) W PTS 10 Shannon King (7-1). Local fighter See wins the vacant Australian title with a split decision over returning King in a tough close fight. Despite King enjoying a height and reach advantage the superior skills of See saw him build an early lead and extended it when he punched and bundled King through the ropes in the fifth with the referee giving King a disputed eight count. The strength of King told in the late rounds as he swept rounds six to eight inflicting a cut below the left eye of See in the eighth. See took the ninth and staged a strong last round only to be deducted a point for a head butt. Scores 96-92, 97-94 and 93-97. The draw on the 22-year-old southpaw’s record was of the technical variety and he beat that opponent in a return. Brisbane’s King was having his first fight since winning this same title in February last year. He lost the title though inactivity. He was the stronger man over the closing rounds but started his surge too late. See and King were Nos. 2 and 3 respectively in the ANBF ratings.


Doncaster, Australia: Super Middle: Zac Dunn (12-0) W PTS 10 Oscar D Veliz (30-22-2,1ND). Young Dunn gets decision over experienced Argentinian. The unbeaten former amateur star, who holds the WBC Youth title, was a comfortable winner in a good learning fight. Scores 100-90 twice and 99-92. The 23-year-old ANBF No 4 is a former Australian Youth champion who won a bronze medal at the World Cadet Championships and was a quarter-finalist at the World Youth Championships. Veliz, 35, a former South American champion, had lost to Shannan Taylor and for the vacant WBFoundation title to Les Sherrington in earlier visits to Australia.


Arezzo, Italy: Light Middle: Orlando Fiordigiglio (17-0) W KO 2 Janos Varga (16-21-1).European Union champion Fiordigiglio easily disposes of Hungarian Varga. After scoring with good shots in the first round Fiordigiglio produced a thunderous right uppercut in the second that put Varga down and out. The 29-year-old former undefeated Italian champion has 8 wins by KO/TKO. He defends his European Union title and fights for the vacant WBC International title against Spaniard Ruben Varon next month. Varga, 25 is 3-11 in his last 14 fights and this was his 14th loss by KO/TKO.


Suwannakhet, Laos: Bantam: Tepparith (26-3) W KO 9 Alvin Bais (13-4). Fly: Saenmuangloei (19-5-3) W PTS 12 Mike Landero (16-11-4).

Tepparith vs. Bais

Another meaningless win for Tepparith in rare card in Laos. The former WBA super fly champion moves to 16 wins by KO/TKO and retains his WBC ACC title. The 25-year-old “Astro Boy”, the WBA No 7, makes it 5 wins since losing his WBA title to Kohei Kono in 2012. Filipino Bais suffers his fourth loss in a row to a Thai fighter.

Saenmuangloei vs. Landero

Thai Saenmuangloei given a tough twelve rounds by experienced Filipino but wins unanimous decision on scores of 116-112, 116-113 and 115-113. Five wins in his last six fights for the 28-year-old former WBC International champion with the loss being against current WBC fly champion Akira Yaegashi. This was described as being for the WBC Asia Silver title. “Wildcard” Landero, 27, a former GAB and OPBF strawweight champion, has lost 6 of his last 7 fights but fought hard in this one.


London, England: Middle: Elliott Matthews (10-0-1) W TEC DEC 8 Diego Burton (4-3-1). After a shaky start Matthews boxes his way to victory. Burton landed a hard right in the first and looked to have scored a knockdown but the referee ruled it a slip. Burton continued to apply pressure over the next four rounds but Matthews had his act together and was outboxing Burton and not getting involved. Matthews had a good sixth as he was able to score with quick, accurate punches with Burton unable to match him. Burton made a big effort in the seventh but again the cleaner work was coming from Matthews who was now well in control. In the seventh a clash of heads saw Matthews cut over the right eye. After good corner work he came out for the eighth but the referee consulted the doctor and the fight was stopped. Referee’s score 78-74 as Matthews, 32, retains his BBB of C Southern Area title. Burton, 27, was having his first ten round fight and had only had one scheduled eight round fight so was stepping up in class and distance.


Laughlin, NV, USA: Light: Chris Rudd (13-1) W PTS 7 Yakubu Amidu (21-5-2). Light: Petr Petrov (33-4-2) W PTS 6 Fedor Papazov (14-1). Light: Miguel Gonzalez (23-3) W PTS 6 Miguel A Mendoza (21-3-2). Light: Fernando Carcamo (15-5) W TKO 2 Samuel Kotey Neequaye (21-1).

Rudd vs. Amidu

Four bouts all part of an ESPN Boxcino light weight tournament. A mild upset as Rudd gets the decision over favourite Amidu. Despite not making the best use of his height and reach Rudd built an early lead but tired over the late rounds and although Amidu seemed to do enough to win after six rounds they could not be separated. They fought a seventh round which saw Rudd outbox Amidu. The 29-year-old Rudd was coming off his first loss. Ghanaian “Black Mamba” Amidu, 29, had drawn with world rated Juan Carlos Burgos in July.

Petrov vs. Papazov

Spanish-based Russian Petrov used his superior experience to win a clear decision over previously unbeaten fellow-countryman Papazov in a bloody test of chins. This was a battle from the start with the muscular “Czar” Petrov lasting the pace better and winning on scores of 58-56 on all three cards. Petrov, 30, has been in with the better opposition with on the road losses to champions Vitali Tajbert and Marcos Maidana and to world rated Dejan Zlaticanin (16-0). “Knockout” Papazov, 28, is the WBC Baltic champion.

Gonzalez vs. Mendoza

This was a close one with southpaw Gonzalez getting the better start and then fading as Mendoza worked his way inside. It could have gone either way but most saw Mendoza as having done enough but the scores came out at 58-56 twice for Gonzalez and 58-56 for Mendoza. Only one loss in his last 18 fights for 28-year-old “Silky Smooth” Gonzalez. Mexican Mendoza, 30, had only lost to world rated Rey Bautista and Nery Saguilan.

Carcamo vs. Neequaye

Tall Mexican southpaw Carcamo makes his punching power count as he floors Ghanaian in the first and stuns and halts him in the second. Carcamo got a dubious knockdown in the first which had more to do with Neequaye being off balance but it was different in the second. A right had Neequaye staggering and as a left had him heading for the canvas the referee stopped the fight. Now 6 wins by KO/TKO in a row and 13 in total for the 23-year-old 5’11” (180cm) Carcamo. Neequaye, 30, had won four times since relocating to the US including a victory over experienced Dorin Spivey.


Troy, NY, USA: Light Heavy: Shawn Miller (13-1-1) W TKO 3 Kevin Engel (20-10). Cruiser: Eric Fields (24-2) W PTS 6 Rayford Johnson (8-15).

Miller vs. Engel

Engel nearly pulled-off a shock win over the local as he floored Miller with a right in the first minute of the first round. Miller was badly hurt and in deep trouble but managed to hold until his head cleared and he could get through the round. It was Miller’s turn in the second as he hurt Engel with a right and battered away with Engel finally getting some respite when Miller was warned for use of his elbow. The fight was disappointingly ended in the third. Engel threw a right and then was wincing in pain and unable to use the arm again during the round. Engel was in obvious agony and at the end of the round retired with a torn bicep. Now 11 wins and a draw in his last 12 fights for 31-year-old Troy resident Miller who did well to survive that first round scare. First defence of his WBFed North American title. Fourth loss in a row for 33-year-old Engel, three of those inside the distance.

Fields vs. Saribekian

“Danger” Fields back to non-dangerous action as he easily outpoints late sub Johnson. Fields had Johnson down in the second and fourth rounds but could not finish his hurt opponent and had to settle for a points win. Scores 60-52 from all three judges. The 31-year-old former top amateur Fields lost an early career fight to Ola Afolabi and in August was kayoed in five rounds by Ilunga Makabu for the WBC Silver title. Six losses in a row for Johnson, all on points.


Jayapura, Indonesia: Light Fly: Muhammad Rachman (65-11-5) W TKO 12 Thongthailek (18-16). Still life in the old dog yet as Rachman floors Thai in rounds 8 and 11 and finishes the job with another knockdown in the last which sees the fight halted. The 42-year-old former IBF and WBA strawweight champion wins the vacant IBO International title. He took two years out after a run of 5 losses in 6 fights and this is his second win since returning. The Thai, 16 years younger, had won 9 of his last 10 fights.


February 22


Macao, Macao SAR, China: Light: Miguel Vazquez (34-3 W PTS 12 Denis Shafikov (33-1-1). Feather: Marvin Sonsona (18-1-1) W KO 3 Akifumi Shimoda (28-4-2). Super Fly: Rex Tso (12-0) W TKO 8 Mako Matsuyama (7-8-1). Fly: Zou Shiming (4-0) W TKO 7 Yokthong (15-4). Middle: Ryota Murata (3-0) W TKO 4 Carlos Nascimento (29-4). Bantam: Jerwin Ancajas (19-1-1) W TKO 2 Inthanon (20-7). Super Feather: Harmonito Dela Torre (12-0) W KO 1 Yakobus Heluka (7-6).  Light Heavy: Egor Mekhontsev (2-0) W TKO 2 Atthaporn (4-1).

Vazquez vs. Shafikov

Vazquez wins but does not impress in sixth defence of his IBF title and first fight since December 2012. To a large extent this fight was all about the relative heights of the two fighters with Vazquez at 5’10” (178cm) and Shafikov at 5’5” (165cm). This meant that the little Russian southpaw tank had to get inside to have any chance. That allowed Vazquez to use his reach advantage to work his jab and whenever Shafikov did get inside Vazquez just held and spoiled. Over the first three rounds Vazquez was working the jab and simply outboxing Shafikov. Things heated up in the fourth when a clash of heads opened a cut over the left eye of Vazquez and Shafikov was able to get inside and attack the body. Vazquez took over again and established a pattern of getting off some quick punches and then clinching to stifle any attempt by the Russian to build an attack of his own. Another clash of heads saw Shafikov cut over the right eye in the seventh round and Vazquez had a good spell getting through with fast combinations. Shafikov continued to try to work his way inside and had some success but Vazquez was doing most of the scoring and most of the holding and ran out a clear winner. Widely divergent scoring as the judges see it 119-110, 116-112 and 115-113 for Vazquez. One almost a shut out and one just a point away from a draw? Vazquez, 27, did what he had to do to win but did nothing to enhance his standing with his negative tactics. “Djingis Khan” Shafikov, 28, had no Plan B when he could not get to work inside and the height and reach differences were too much for him to overcome.

Sonsona vs. Shimoda

Huge win for Filipino Sonsona in this all-southpaw battle of former champions. Shimoda, a former WBA super bantam champion, just seemed to edge the first two close rounds. In the third Sonsona landed a devastating left uppercut that put Shimoda down and out cold. It took some time before they were able to get the Japanese fighter back on his feet. Sonsona, 23, had lost his WBO super fly title on the scales and was halted in four rounds by Wilfredo Vazquez for the vacant WBO super bantam title in 2010. Since then he had been largely inactive with only one fight each in 2011, 2012 and 2013. He came in for a lot of criticism back home for the indiscipline which cost him his WBO title but this spectacular win over the WBA No 2 will restore him to favour. He collects the vacant WBO International title and makes it 15 wins by KO/TKO. Shimoda, 29, lost his WBA title on a kayo against Rico Ramos in 2011 and had won five and drawn one of his last six fights

Tso vs. Matsuyama

A great little fight whilst it lasted with the superior power of Tso the deciding factor. Both fighters were ready to trade from the first with Matsuyama perhaps being a bit too brave. Tso put the Japanese fighter down in the second and continued to walk in banging away in the next round with Matsuyama getting through with good shots of his own but lacking the power to discourage the Hong Kong southpaw. Matsuyama made a big effort in the fourth to turn the tide but by the end of the round was looking spent. Tso was dominating in the fifth but even then Matsuyama found the reserves to fight back strongly. A clash of heads in the seventh saw a tiring Matsuyama cut and he was shipping heavy punishment in the eighth when his corner threw in the towel. The lanky 26-year-old Tso retains his WBC ACC title and wins the vacant WBO Asia Pacific title. The WBC No 12 now has eight wins by KO/TKO. Matsuyama, 24, showed plenty of guts but was short on power and paid the price. He is 2-4-1 in his last 7 fights and not in the JBC top 15 in his division.

Shiming vs. Yokthong

Olympic gold medallist Shiming is showing signs of adjusting to life as a pro as he demonstrated real venom in his punches, something that had been missing in his first three fights. Shiming was also throwing more combinations and the Thai just could not match the speed of the Chinese fighter. After dominating the first six rounds Shiming floored Yokthong with a short right in the seventh. He was down himself shortly after but it was ruled a slip. The embarrassment fired-up Shiming and he then floored the Thai twice to force the finish. At 32 Shiming does not have the luxury of taking his time and the level of opposition will have to increase with every fight. Yokthong, 19, had won 7 of his last 8 fights but had lost to a guy having his first fight October and 13 of his victims had never won a fight.

Murata vs. Nascimento

Japan’s Olympic gold medallist Murata outclasses Brazilian. Murata seemed in no hurry as he only really started to let his hands go late in the first. Even then it was obvious that he could hurt Nascimento but the Brazilian had nothing to worry Murata. Rounds two and three saw Murata increasing the pace and scoring where and when he wanted and he floored Nascimento late in the third. Murata continued the barrage in the fourth and with Nascimento just soaking up punishment the fight was stopped. The 28-year-old Murata, a loser to Shawn Estrada at the 2007 World Championships, has won all four fights by KO/TKO and will be a real threat with another 5 or 6 pro fights under his belt.  Nascimento, 40, a former WBO light middle title challenger back in 2007, had lost inside the distance to Pawel Wolak and Martin Murray and then run up 4 easy wins back home.

Ancajas vs. Inthanon

Very impressive performance from 22-year-old “Pretty Boy” as the Filipino prospect destroys fellow-southpaw Inthanon. The hand speed of the young Filipino were too much for the Thai who was floored and subsequently staggered by hard shots from Ancajas in the first round. It was all over half way through the second when Ancajas got home with a series of jabs and then put Inthanon down again to force the stoppage. Despite not being rated a big puncher Ancajas has 11 wins by KO/TKO. He is No 14 with the WBA. His only loss was to the experienced WBO No 4 super fly Mark Anthony Geraldo on a majority decision in 2012 since when he has scored six consecutive wins by KO/TKO. Inthanon, 27, had won 10 of his last 11 fights with the loss being in two rounds in October to Geraldo

Dela Torre vs. Heluka

Indonesian Heluka fought a dumb fight walking into young Dela Torre at the start and being shaken by a hard counter. He did not learn his lesson and just after the two minute mark DeLa Torre slammed home a right counter that put Heluka out cold. The 20-year-old “Huracan de Gensano” makes it 7 wins by KO/TKO. He is GAB No 2 and holds the lesser Philippines Boxing Federation title. Fourth loss by KO/TKO for Heluka who has probably had more fights than his record shows.

Mekhontsev vs. Atthaporn

Russian Mekhontsev quickly disposes of over matched Thai Atthaporn. The Olympic gold medallist had speed and power and all the Thai had was guts. After scoring heavily in the first Mekhontsev floored Atthaporn in the second and with the Thai just eating punches the referee stopped the fight. The 29-year-old heavy-handed Mekhontsev was also twice European champion as an amateur. Novice Atthaporn was really just fodder.


 London. England: Cruiser: Tony Conquest (13-1) W PTS 12 Daniel Ammann (29-6-1). Middle: Chris Eubank Jr (13-0) W TKO 3 Alistair Warren (8-6-3).Welter: Gary Corcoran (8-0) W TKO 2 Faheem Khan (5-3-2). Super Feather: Mitchell Smith (8-0) W TKO 2 Mark Evans (9-1-1). Super Middle: Tom Baker (7-0) W PTS 6 Harry Matthews (12-12-2).

Conquest vs. Ammann

The fight was fairly even over the opening two rounds with Conquest just that bit quicker to the punch against the Australian southpaw. From the third to the sixth Conquest was first to the punch and making good use of his rights to score to head and body. Ammann got through with some good punches of his own in the middle rounds but every time he seemed to be getting on top Conquest would fire back with his right to even things up. The eighth saw Conquest scoring again with those rights in his best round so far and Australian champion Ammann was under pressure and seemingly tiring. A punch opened a small cut under the left eye of Ammann in the ninth and with both fighters tiring a clash of heads saw Ammann cut above his left eye. He survived a doctor’s inspection to go into the last but Conquest had built a big lead and was a clear winner. Scores 120-109, 119-109 and 118-110. Conquest wins the vacant Commonwealth title. The tall Romford 29-year-old makes it three wins since being kayoed inside a round by Neil Dawson in December 2012. “Doberman” Ammann, 31,  had won 10 of his last 11 fights but was well beaten by the Brit.

Eubank vs. Warren

Eubank makes it five wins in a row by KO/TKO as the referee halts the fight at the end of the third round. For two rounds Warren gave Eubank a hard fight matching the favourite punch for punch. However once Eubank warmed-up the fight was soon over. Eubank was softening Warren up in the third with body punches and then floored Warren at the end of the round. Warren made it to his feet at the bell but was sporting a bad cut over his left eye and the referee would not let him come out for the fourth. The 24-year-old son of the former WBO champion looks to be improving with each fight and now has 8 wins by KO/TKO. Warren, 26, made a fight of it but now has 5 losses and 2 technical draws in his last 7 fights and is prone to cuts.

Corcoran vs. Khan

Corcoran going for an early finish from the start. He looks to have put Khan down in the first but it is ruled a slip. No respite for Khan in the second as Corcoran first floors him with a body punch and then with a hard right and the fight is stopped after the second knockdown. First scheduled eight round fight for the Paddington fighter and his fourth win by KO/TKO. Pakistan-born southpaw Khan, 31, has lost 3 of his last 4 fights by KO/TKO.

Smith vs. Evans

Southern Area champion “Baby Faced Assassin” Smith lives up to his nickname. After taking the first round he floors Evans twice in the second round and the fight is stopped.  Now 4 wins by KO/TKO for the Harrow 21-year-old prospect who was ABA champion in 2011.  Evans, the previously unbeaten Welsh Area champion, was never allowed to get into the fight.

Baker vs. Matthews

Former top amateur Baker boxes his way to win over Matthews. The 22-year-old from Chingford showed a strong jab and good combination punching and just has too much skill for Matthews. Matthews is an accomplished survivor with only one loss inside the distance but is 3-12-2 in his last 17 fights. Baker, a double ABA runner-up, has lots of talent but looks to need more power as he has only one win by KO/TKO.


Hull, England: Light Welter: Curtis Woodhouse (22-6) W PTS 12 Darren Hamilton (14-3). Super Bantam: Gavin McDonnell (11-0-1) W TKO 6 Leigh Wood (11-1). Light: Tommy Coyle (18-2) W TKO 12 Daniel Brizuela (25-3-2). Light: Luke Campbell (5-0) W TKO 8 Scott Moises (8-9-1).

Hamilton vs. Woodhouse

“Former pro footballer Woodhouse” can put that tag behind him and is now British champion Woodhouse**. He upset the odds with a well deserved split decision over Hamilton. Unexpectedly Woodhouse won by matching the skills of Hamilton. Woodhouse more than matched Hamilton over the first seven rounds and was able to build a lead. From the eighth Hamilton had his jab working and cut into that lead. Hamilton had a big eleventh but Woodhouse took the last shaking Hamilton with some good head punches. It was obviously close with many rounds very hard to score. Scores 116-113 and 116-114 for Woodhouse and 116-113 for Hamilton. Woodhouse, 33, had had little success in title fights losing to Frankie Gavin for the WBO Inter-Continental title, losing his English title to Shayne Singleton in his first defence and being stopped in four rounds by Derry Matthews for the Commonwealth title but he took his chance here when it came. ** Woodhouse announced his retirement after the fight. He also reportedly bet £5,000 at 50-1 a few years back that he would one day win a British title so can afford to retire. Hamilton, 35, had similarly taken his big chance when he beat world rated Ashley Theophane for the British title and had impressed in winning defences against Stevie Williams and Adil Anwar . The Bristol fighter will be hoping either for a return with Woodhouse or a shot at the vacant title.

McDonnell vs. Wood

After scoring a debatable knockdown to win the first round things went downhill for McDonnell. The brilliant young Wood proved to be a typically classy Ingle Gym fighter. He was quicker and more accurate than McDonnell and was able to switch guards without missing a beat. By the end of the second round McDonnell had suffered a bad cutover his left eye and damage below the same eye. Wood continued to dictate the fight but he was setting a pace which was too much too soon. By the end of the fifth he was beginning to show signs that he was tiring and fell apart in the sixth. A hard combination from McDonnell seemed to freeze Wood and McDonnell was scoring without anything coming back when the fight was stopped. McDonnell, 27, the twin brother of former IBF and British bantam champion Jamie, wins the vacant British title making it the first time twins have won British titles. Twenty-five-year-old “Leigh-thal” Wood showed brilliant talent but also his inexperience. He can learn from this and come back even better.

Coyle vs. Brizuela

Coyle wins a hectic battle over former Argentinian Olympian. It caught fire in the second when Brizuela put Coyle down with a right, the first of four time the eventually winner would visit the canvas. Coyle fought back and staggered Brizuela with a right in the third. The fight swung over to Brizuela when he attacked Coyle’s body in the fifth. The local did not relish this so Brizuela went to the body again in the sixth and twice forced Coyle to go down from body shots. The Argentinian was close to victory but Coyle survived the round. The big effort seemed to have tired Brizuela because over the next few rounds Coyle used his superior strength to pressure the smaller man. A hectic eighth saw Coyle lose a point for a low blow but also floor Brizuela for the first time with a hard combination. The fight swung back to Brizuela in the ninth only for him to lose a point for a low blow and for a clash of heads in the tenth to leave him with a cut over his left eye. Brizuela looked to have wrapped the fight up when he floored Coyle with body punches early in the eleventh. However, Coyle was far from finished and he banged back to floor Brizuela twice with rights only to again lose a point for hitting on the break. Given everything that had happened it would have been incredible if this fight had gone the full twelve rounds. Coyle brought the finish early in the last by putting Brizuela down again with a right. The Argentinian made it to his feet but at the end off the eight count the referee stopped the fight although Brizuela wanted to continue. Coyle was ahead on the cards , but who knows what twists and turns could have happened over the last two minutes. A remarkable fight had seen each fighter floored four times and it was a pity there had to be a loser. Coyle, 24, had been well in front before being stopped by Derry Matthews in a Commonwealth title fight in July. He had rebounded with an impressive win over John Simpson for the vacant IBF International title and this was his first defence of that title. Next up could be a fight with Kevin Mitchell but this was a gutsy win by the local. “ Tatu” Brizuela, 28, the FAB No 1 was coming off a close loss to Daud Cino Yordan for the vacant IBO title in July.   

Campbell vs. Moises

Local hero and Olympic gold medal winner Campbell was given a good workout by “Iron Duck” Moises. Campbell was always in control and won every round. He had Moises down in the second with a left but Moises got up and stayed in the fight until the eighth. In the last round a crunching body punch put Moises down in agony. Moises made it to his feet but was taking more punishment when the referee halted the fight. The 26-year-old southpaw Campbell has won 4 of his 5 fights by KO/TKO and is an outstanding prospect. He was a World Championships silver medallist and took the gold in London. First loss inside the distance for Moises. 5

San Bernardo, Argentina: Super Fly: Roberto Domingo Sosa (25-1) W PTS 10 Carlos A Farias (12-8-2). Feather: Mario J Munoz (27-4) W PTS 6 Ramon S Munoz (12-26-6).

Sosa vs. Farias

Sosa returns with a win as he takes a unanimous decision over Farias. Sosa was given a good ten rounds but tied things up when he forced Farias to take a standing count in the seventh. Scores 97-92 twice an 97-93. Sosa wins the vacant WBC Latino title in his first fight since losing on points to Juan Carlos Sanchez for the vacant IBF title in June (Sanchez failed to make the weight). Now 4 losses and a draw in his last 5 fights for Farias.

Munoz vs. Munoz                                                    

“Chucky” Munoz struggled in this routine six rounder only squeezing by southpaw RS Munoz on a split decision. Scores 59 ½ -57 twice for “Chucky” and 59-58 for RS Munoz. First fight for 28-year-old “Chucky” since losing wide unanimous decision to Evgeny Gradovich for the IBF title in July. He also lost to Toshiaki Nishioka for the WBC super bantam title in 2011. Munoz is 2-12-1 in his last 15 fights so should have been no problem for “Chucky”.


Caen, France: Light Welter: Alex Lepelley (17-1-1) W PTS 8 Alix Djavoiev (4-27). Middle: Julien Marie Sainte (36-4) W TKO 2 Janos Lakatos (4-18). Bantam: Jeremy Beccu (4-0) W PTS 6 Irakli Jeiranashvili (5-1-5). Light Middle: Maxime Beaussire (13-0-1) W TKO 4 Ramaz Gogichashvili (11-1-2).

Lepelley vs. Djavoiev

Lepelley gets wide unanimous decision over Djavoiev. The Frenchman took a couple of rounds to take control but almost floored Djavoiev with a left in the third. Djavoiev survived but continued to be punished by hooks and uppercuts with only the occasion right thrown in response. Djavoiev went into survival mode from the sixth and spent the rest of the fight with his back to the ropes as Lepelley boxed his way to victory. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73. The 31-year-old from St. Malo has 13 wins in a row including good wins away against Steve Claggett and Sandor Martin. He is FFB No 2 and EBU No 11. French-based Russian Djavoiev had lost over six rounds against Lepelley in June and has won only one of his last 17 fights.

Sainte vs. Lakatos

“Brigadier” Sainte destroys Hungarian in two rounds. Quick left-right combinations put Lakatos down twice in the first and a reverse right uppercut/straight left followed by another right puts Lakatos out of the fight. The 33-year-old Frenchman was having his first fight since losing on points to Karim Achour for the French title in November. He also lost in three rounds to Max Bursak for the vacant EBU title in February last year. He is also FFB No 2 and EBU No 11. Lakatos, 35, is 2-7 in his last 9 fights.

Beccu vs. Jeiranashvili

Former top amateur Beccu given a hard fight by unbeaten Georgian. The speed and accuracy are with Beccu who scores well with both hands to head and body, but Jeiranashvili is aggressive with his left hooks and keeps it close. Beccu is a clear winner in a good learning fight. Scores 59-55 twice and 58-56. The 23-year-old Beccu was both French Junior and Senior champion and represented France at both the 2011 World and 2012 Olympics. Georgian Jeiranashvili having his first fight outside Georgia. Not often you see a fighter with 5 draws in his first 10 fights

Beaussire vs. Gogichashvili

Beaussire easily overcomes Georgian with body shots. “Conqueror” Beaussire in charge from the start. He catches a rash Gogichashvili with a counter in the first and the referee gives the Georgian a standing count. A left hook to the body in the second sees Gogichashvili go down on one knee but he gets up in pain to survive the round. The Georgian tries to take the fight to the Frenchman in the third only for another left hook to the body put him down. In the fourth Beaussire is getting through with hard shots to head and body and the referee stops the fight. Four wins by KO/TKO now for the 22-year-old Beaussire the FFB No 7. First fight outside Georgia for Gogichashvili and first loss.


Puebla, Mexico: Light: Miguel Roman (45-11) W TKO 2 Enrique Tinoco (11-2-2). Light: Abdiel Ramirez (22-1-1) W KO 8 Lupe Rosales (31-11). Feather: Eduardo Escobedo (34-4) W PTS 6 Carlos Guzman (15-11-1).

Roman vs. Tinoco

After a cautious first round Roman exploded in the second. He floored current Mexican super feather champion Tinoco three times at which point the local Commissioner pressed the buzzer telling the referee to stop the fight. “Mickey”,28, tends to come unstuck against the top class fighters but is too good for anyone even slightly below that level. He lost on points to Jonathan Barros for the secondary WBA super feather title in 2011 and was kayoed in five rounds by Antonio DeMarco in a challenge for the WBC light title in 2012. He has put himself back in the picture with 7 wins in a row including an eleventh round stoppage of former IBF super feather champion Juan Carlos Salgado for the WBC International Silver title in November. Tinoco came in as a very late substitute. His only other loss was a disqualification.

Ramirez vs. Rosales

Ramirez gets a second win over experienced Rosales but takes two rounds longer than the last time. Rosales is a useful fighter and made Ramirez fight hard but in the end the “Mortar” exploded again and a barrage of shots put Rosales down and out in the eighth. The 22-year-old from Juarez has won 20 by KO/TKO. In fact only three of his fights have gone the distance as his loss was a two round stoppage defeat against Rene Gonzalez in 2012 which cost Ramirez his WBC Silver title. He had halted Rosales in six rounds in November to win the WBC Fecombox title. “Bronco” Rosales, 32, had won and lost to Humberto Gutierrez. The loss unfortunately was in a WBC eliminator with Gutierrez going on to win the interim WBC title. Rosales is on the slide now being 3-7 in his last 10 fights.

Escobedo vs. Guzman

Former WBO super bantam and IBF feather title challenger found this one heavy going. The unfancied Guzman made him fight hard and Escobedo had to settle for a majority verdict. Second win for the 30-year-old Texas-based Mexican since losing in six rounds to Billy Dib for the IBF feather title in March 2012. Four losses in his last five fights for Guzman.


Phoenix, AZ, USA: Bantam: Alexis Santiago (16-3-1) W PTS 10 Hanzel Martinez (20-2). Heavy: Siarhei Liakhovich (26-6) W PTS 8 Chad Davis (5-12). Middle: Joachim Alcine (35-7-1) W TKO 3 Jovan Ramirez (3-1).

Santiago vs. Martinez

Santiago wins unanimous decision over useful Mexican. Santiago started well being credited with a controversial knockdown in the first. The second was close with Martinez effectively working the body and the faster Santiago shooting home quick counter whilst fighting on the back foot. Shots from Santiago in the third started swellings under the eyes of Martinez’s and that hampered the Mexican for the rest of the fight. Despite this he persevered with his body attack with Santiago again being forced to counter on the back foot. Santiago was getting through with more shots in the middle rounds as Martinez was having some trouble seeing the punches coming but the Mexican shook the local with body punch in the seventh that gave him the round. Santiago was back on top in the eighth and ninth with Martinez still plugging away with his body attack but Santiago being busier and more accurate and the local also took the last with fast combinations . Scores 98-91 twice and 96-93. The 23-year-old from Phoenix retains the WBC USNBC title. Two of his losses have come against unbeaten fighters in Randy Caballero and Roman Morales but he has won five on the bounce since losing to Morales. “Rude Boy” Martinez, 22, lost his unbeaten record when he was kayoed in two rounds by world rated Alejandro Gonzalez last February. He did better than the scores show here and can come again.   

Liakhovich vs. Davis

A boring match sees Belarusian Liakhovich plod to a points win over spoiler Davis. Too little action and too much clinching as Liakhovich wins on scores of 79-73 twice and 78-74. The 37-year-old former WBO champion is trying to rebuild after inside the distance losses to Robert Helenius, Bryant Jennings and Deontay Wilder. Davis, 35, is 3-7 in his last 10 fights.

Alcine vs. Ramirez

Alcine wins a mismatch over novice Ramirez. The 37-year-old former WBA light middle floored Ramirez with a right in the second and had him down twice in the third firstly from a right and then from a left to the body and the fight was stopped. Haitian-born “Ti-Joa” had scored two third round wins as he tries to rebuild after a run of 5 losses in a row. Mexican Ramirez had just 16 rounds of experience going in but somehow this match got approved by the Commission.


Grand Rapids, MI, USA: Heavy: Jordan Shimmell (13-0) W TKO 3 Damon Reed (47-18).Light Welter: Johnny Garcia (19-1) W PTS 8 Angel Hernandez (16-14-1).

Shimmell vs. Reed

Prospect Shimmell easy overcomes veteran Reed in a temporary move up to heavyweight. Reed used his experience to get through a first round with Shimmell applying pressure. The second round saw a body punch from Shimmell out Reed down. It was all over in the third as heavy shots from Shimmell saw Reed go down three times and the fight is over. Now 11 wins by KO/TKO for 25-year-old Shimmell. He was 2009 NGG’s Champion and won silver medals at the NGG’s in 2010 and 2012 only to lose out in the US Olympic Trials. Reed, 42, lost in 52 seconds against Herbie Hide for the WBO heavy title way back in 1998 and only makes an occasional appearance these days.

Garcia vs. Hernandez

Garcia wins a bloody battle over Hernandez. There was plenty of close quarters work and both fighters paid a price in cuts. Garcia came out worst in the head clashes but his body punching slowed Hernandez and a strong finish saw Garcia get a well deserved unanimous decision. Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74. Six wins for the 31-year-old Michigan fighter since losing on a kayo against Angelo Santana in 2012. Hernandez is 2-11-1 in his last 14 fights but is a tough competitor and is better than his record indicates.


Bethlehem, PA, USA: Light Heavy: Umberto Savigne (12-1) W KO 2 Maxell Taylor (18-7-1). Feather: Claudio Marrero (15-1) W PTS 8 Jose A Beranza (36-29-2). Bantam: Juan Carlos Payano (15-0) W PTS 8 German Meraz (46-30-1). Super Feather: Alexei Collado (18-0) W PTS 8 Edgar Riovalle (36-17-2). Welter: Samuel Vasquez (13-0) W TKO 4 Berlin Abreu (7-1). Welter: Erickson Lubin (4-0) W TKO 3 Tirobio Ball (4-2-1).

Savigne vs. Taylor

Savigne blasts out Taylor in two rounds. Having already knocked Taylor’s mouthpiece out in the first round Savigne ended the fight with a fearsome right in the second which flattened southpaw Taylor who needed a few minutes to recover. The 35-year-old Cuban is not the quickest in the world but he has a long probing jab and real power in his right. Way back he was a star of the Cuban amateur team winning gold medals at both the World Cup in 1998 and the Pan American Games in 1999, but it was 2009 before he was able to start as a professional. He has won 10 fights since an inexplicable two round kayo loss to Harvey Jolly in 2010. He scored a crushing win over unbeaten Junior Jackson in his last fight in March last year. “The General”  Taylor 29, the brother of Emmanuel Taylor (not a good month for the family with Emmanuel losing to Chris Algieri on 14 February) has now lost 4 of his last 5 fights.

Marrero vs. Beranza

Mexican veteran Beranza does his usual job. Stays the full eight rounds and spoils, mauls and wrestles his way to making it a frustrating night for Marrero. The world rated Dominican stuck to the task and with his silky skills was able to find Beranza with punch after punch. The grizzled Mexican was outclassed but still there at the final bell with Marrero’s frustrating showing in the seven warnings he received for various infractions. Scores 80-71 from all three judges. The 24-year-old “The Matrix” Marrero was having his first fight since losing to Jesus A Cuellar for the interim WBA title in August. Marrero represented the Dominican Republic at both the 2007 and 2009 World Championships. “Pepe” Beranza, 37, has only failed to last the distance 4 times. He has lost 6 of his last 7 fights.  

Payano vs. Meraz

Dominican southpaw Payano has to go the eight rounds to beat experienced Mexican. It looked like an early win for Payano when he floored Meraz in the second round and had him hurt again before the round ended. That was as close as he got as Meraz went into full survival mode holding and spoiling with Payano unable to set himself for a finisher. The Dominican had the additional irritation of a slight cut by his right eye but took the decision on scores of 80-71 twice and 79-72. The 28-year-old Payano, somehow the WBA 2(1), was a class amateur with wins over the Arroyo twins, Qa’id Muhammad, Yoandris Salinas and Raul Martinez but as a pro has yet to meet a rated fighter despite his stupid WBA top rating. “Gravedigger” Meraz, 27, had lost on points to Rau’Shee Warren in January and usually goes the distance.

Collado vs. Riovalle

To an extent Riovalle was a serious test for Cuban Collado and made the young prospect fight hard. Collado was the heavier puncher but was also rocked on occasion by shots from the experienced Mexican. Collado had the faster hands scoring with good combinations in most rounds whereas Riovalle was landing single accurate shots. Collado built a lead but Riovalle came back strongly in the last two rounds but it was just not enough. Scores 78-74 from all three judges. Only the second time that the 26-year-old “Hurricane” Collado has been taken the distance so some good experience for him here. Riovalle, 27, a former Mexican champion, has lost his last three fights with toughies Alejandro Perez and Diego Magdaleno the victors in those two fights.                                                                          

Vasquez vs. Abreu

Vasquez makes it four wins in a row by KO/TKO. The 27-year-old southpaw, a veteran of two tours in Iraq, against showed his power. He had to get off the canvas after being floored in the second. The third saw Vasquez cutting loose and grinding down the Dominican before staggering him late in the round. The fourth was one-way traffic as Vasquez hammered away at a wilting Abreu until the referee stepped in to save Abreu from further punishment. Now 9 wins by KO/TKO for “The Mexican Who Can”. He was a silver medal winner at the NGG’s but lost out at the US Olympic Trials for London.  First fight outside the Dominican Republic for Abreu who had scores his victories over seven fighters who all had negative records.

 Lubin vs. Ball

Lubin finally hears the bell for the second round after finishing his first three fights inside a round. He had too much speed, class, everything for poor Ball who was cut and punished until being floored in the third at which point the fight was stopped. The 28-year-old southpaw’s previous three wins had taken him a total of 4 minutes 36 seconds to achieve so he more than doubled his ring time. Ball way over his head.

General Santos City, Philippines: Super Fly: Richie Mepranum (27-3-1) W TKO 4 Phupha (10-9-1). Former WBO flyweight title challenger Mepranum massacres overmatched Thai. Not a noted puncher Mepranum had Phupha down in every round totaling up six knockdowns before the Thai thankfully retired at the end of the fourth round. The 26-year-old “Magnum” gets only his sixth win by KO/TKO. His losses have been to Denkoasan and Herman Marquez in non title fights and to Julio Cesar Miranda for the WBO title in 2010. Phupha had been kayoed in two rounds by Filipino Albert Pagara in his last fight back in 2012.