Weekly Report

March 14 - 15 2014

March 14


Toowoomba, Australia: Light: Mike Katsidis (29-6) W TKO 3 Eddy Comaro (27-18-5). Super Feather: Jack Asis (30-18-5) W PTS 8 Arief Blader (20-13-1). Feather: Brayd Smith(9-0) W PTS Jose Saez (22-17-6). Welter: Kris George (6-0) W KO 3 Ozan Craddock (6-1).

Katsidis vs. Comaro

Katsidis gets easy win on his comeback. The Aussie came out fast taking the fight to the experienced Indonesian who was willing to trade. Both were using a crouching style with a high guard and throwing hooks. Katsidis was pressing Comaro hard but Comaro was always looking to counter. A left hook from Katsidis curved around the back of Comaro’s head. The knuckle part of the glove missed but the wrist landed a cuffing blow. Comaro immediately straightened up, patting the back of his head and holding out an arm as if to ask for the action to stop. He walked to a neutral corner rubbing the back of his head. The referee had not signaled a halt so Katsidis stormed in throwing punches. Comaro went down on one knee to avoid the blows. He got up quickly and walked backwards and forwards all of the time rubbing his head. He was still doing this when the referee completed the count and the Indonesian walked back to his corner still rubbing his neck and the bell sounded as he got there. It looked as though he might not come out for the second round. He did, but again rubbing the back of his neck. Despite his reluctance Comaro gave it a try. Katsidis cut loose with 15 consecutive hooks mainly to the body. Comaro saw out the storm and then threw a sequence of 13 hooks of his own. A left hook to the body from Katsidis saw Comaro retreat to a corner and go down on a knee. He was up immediately but it was not clear if he was going to fight on and the referee had to ask him twice. After the second time Comaro started to stroll back to his corner not looking at either Katsidis or the referee. Katsidis attacked and threw a couple of hooks which landed on the arms of Comaro who went down and the fight was stopped. The 33-year-old former interim WBO champion was having his first fight since losing to Albert Mensah in April 2012. He looked sharp but needs better opposition before a real judgment on the prospects for his return can be made. Comaro, 27, gave it a try but that response to the cuff to the back of the head was too theatrical. He is 2-7-1 in his last 10 fights.

Asis vs. Blader

The Filipino “Assassin” makes it ten fights without a loss as he totally outboxes Indonesian Blader. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. The 30-year-old former undefeated Australian champion is now ANBF No 2. Blader is 3-7 in his last 10 fights.

Smith vs. Saez

“The Great White” Smith, 22, keeps his 100% record with unanimous decision over experienced Argentinian Saez. After two first round wins in a row Smith was given eight useful rounds in his stiffest test so far. He already had the decision in the bag when an under pressure Saez was deducted a point in the seventh for holding. Scores 78-73 twice and 79-73. Smith is rated No 2 by the ANBF. “Pamperito” Saez has lost 5 of his last 6 fights including being halted in three rounds by Asis in June.

George vs. Craddock

George wins this clash of unbeaten young punchers despite suffering a suspected broken bone in his left hand in the first round. George had the advantage in height and reach with Craddock bulling forward trying to get inside. Craddock, a former amateur international, had started well easily taking the first round and sharing the second. When the end came in the third it was spectacular. A left hook from George crashed into the jaw of Craddock who reeled back. George jumped in and landed a right to the chin which put Craddock down heavily. George was celebrating from the moment Craddock hit the canvas. Craddock tumbled on his hands and knees right across the ring trying to get up. He finally managed to pull himself up by the ropes but was staggering badly and counted out. The 24-year-old “Fighting Fisherman” wins the vacant Queensland State title and makes it 5 wins by KO/TKO, his other 4 having been one round finishes. Trained by show promoter Brendon Smith the ANBF No 13 has real power. “Crash” Craddock, 22, had three first round wins and two in the second round so was also something of a puncher.


Dubbo, Australia: Light: Robert Toomey (13-8) W TKO 8 Anthony Brownlie (9-6-1). Local fighter “Gummy” Toomey wins the vacant Australian title with stoppage of game Brownlie. Toomey was in charge from the first hurting Brownlie with hard rights. In the third a barrage from Toomey forced Brownlie to take a count. Brownlie tried hard over the sixth and seventh but when he was floored again in the eighth he signaled his surrender. The 32-year-old Toomey regains the national title and makes it six wins by KO/TKO. He had outpointed Brownlie for this title in 2012. He has now won 6 of his last 7 fights. New Zealand-born Brownlie loses inside the distance for the third time.


Lop Buri, Thailand: Welter: Saiyok (2-0) W TKO 5 You-Jie Zeng (5-6). Light Fly: Paipharob (23-0) W KO ? Johan Wahyudi (9-28).

Saiyok vs. Zeng

Thai Saiyok wins vacant WBC Asia Silver title as his constant pressure forces Thai-based Chinese fighter to retire at the end of the fifth. Saiyok, a former Muay-Thai exponent had his only other fight in March last year and then went back to the kick boxing for a while. Zeng, 37, has lost 4 of his last 5 fights.

Paipharob vs. Wahyudi

A piece of rubbish that passes for matching in Thailand sees undefeated former WBA interim straw champion Paipharob stop poor Indonesian. Now 18 wins by KO/TKO for the 30-year-old WBO No 9. Nine losses in a row for Wahyudi. No round given


Gaborone, Botswana: Bantam: Lesley Sekotswe (10-0-2) W PTS 8 Tinashe Mwadziwana (1-10). Local boxer Sekotswe wins unanimous decision over Zimbabwean. Sekotswe kept the fight low key over the early round using his jab and good movement to build a lead. Mwadziwana was dangerous with uppercuts. The fight was even after four rounds but then the Zimbabwean began to tire and Sekotswe was able to pull ahead and take the unanimous decision. Sekotswe, 35, has done most of his fighting in South Africa as this was only the third pro show held in Botswana, the other two being back in 2005. He was inactive for three years before returning in March last year when he fought a split draw with unbeaten Immanuel Naidjala in Namibia for the IBF International title. A former African amateur champion he competed at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Championships in 2003. First fight since December 2012 for Mwadziwana who gave a good account of himself here.


Dieppe, France: Super Bantam: Anthony Buquet (10-6-2) W PTS 12 Sergio Perez (5-3). Buquet delights his home fans as he floors Spaniard twice on the way to a unanimous decision which gives the 33-year-old French featherweight champion the WBC Mediterranean super bantam title. He fought for the national fly title last year so this is the third different division he has fought in the last twelve months. He fought more cautiously than usual as he was carrying into the ring a nose that had been split open in sparring ten days before the fight. “Teki” Perez, 27, was having his first fight scheduled for more than six rounds.


Rome, Italy: Light Heavy: Mirco Ricci (11-2) W PTS 10 Nicola Pietro Ciriani (9-1). Ricci wins vacant Italian title with one-sided unanimous victory over unbeaten Ciriani. The left jab of Ricci dominated the fight. He swept the first three rounds with Ciriani only getting into the fight in the fourth when he got home with some useful rights. Ciriano continued to press the fight, but Ricci was in control and floored Ciriani briefly with a left hook in the eighth. Over the last two rounds the speed and accuracy of Ricci shut Ciriano out completely. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93.The 23-year-old from Rome was having his second shot at the title and was coming off a loss in October to Dominic Boesel for the WBO Youth title. First fight scheduled for more than six rounds for 26-year-old Ciriani and all of his wins against opponents with negative records.


Kiev, Ukraine: Middle: Marat Kulumbegov (14-0-1) W PTS 8 Levan Shonia (14-6). Welter: Ilya Prymak (8-0) W PTS 8 Igor Faniyan (14-7-2). Light Middle: Stanyslav Skorokhod (7-0) W TKO 2 Andrei Abramenka (20-5-2). Feather: Oleg Malinovskiy (12-0) W PTS 6 Dymtro Aushev (1-4).

Kulumbegov vs. Shonia

Kulumbegov much too good for Kiev-based Georgian Shonia. Kulumbegov was trying hard to end it early but Shonia stayed the course. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73. The 23-year-old Russian, the WBC Youth Silver champion, remains undefeated. Shonia, 29, has lost 3 of his last 4 fights but to good opposition in Max Bursak and Yves Studer, and has never failed to last the distance.

Prymak vs. Faniyan

The best, and closest fight of the night saw local Prymak win a unanimous decision over Faniyan. This was a hard fight all the way but with Prymak doing enough to pinch the rounds. Scores 79-73 twice and 77-75. This was the first eight round fight for Prymak who had scored six wins by KO/TKO, all coming inside the first two rounds, so a good learning fight for the 24-year-old. Armenian-born Faniyan, 24, has lost three in a row .

Skorokhod vs. Abramenka

Local Skorokhod gets win as he floors Abramenka twice and the Belarus fighter retires at the end of the round. A right put Abramenka down early in the second. He went down again after a clash of heads and retired at the end of the round. The Ukrainian champion has 5 wins by KO/TKO. The well-travelled Abramenko,26, losses inside the distance for the second time having been stopped by Adam Etches in April last year. He has gone the distance with Matthew Hatton, Aslanbek Kozaev and Ronny Mitag (19-1-1).

Malinovskiy vs. Aushev.

Malinovskiy gets wide unanimous decision over late sub Aushev. Southpaw Malinovskiy a clear winner but Aushev gave him a better fight than the scores indicate. The officials scored it 60-54 twice and 59-55. Malinovskiy, 25, who represented Ukraine at the 2010 European Championships, was to have faced Swiss-based Rwandan Patrick Kinigamazi over ten rounds but the visitor was not allowed into the country as his papers were not in order. Ukrainian Aushev stepped-in at just a few hours notice.


Kissimmee, FL, USA: Super Bantam: Jonathan Oquendo (24-3) W PTS 12 Memo Avila (12-2). Both came out firing with Avila the more aggressive. Puerto Rican Oquendo boxed coolly picking off his Mexican opponent with good counters. Oquendo put Avila down with a left hook in the fifth which only seemed to spur the young Mexican on and with a partial assist from some use of the head, which opened a cut over Oquendo’s right eye, he started to eat into the lead Oquendo had built. Avila had a big tenth and seemed to have the impetus. However, over the last two rounds Oquendo showed his superior experience hurting Avila in the eleventh and easily taking the last. Scores 116-112 twice and 117-110. The 30-year-old “Polvo” holds a win over Filipino Eden Sonsona, but has lost to Juan Manuel Lopez and Wilfredo Vazquez. Avila, 21, lost to Vazquez in September, his only other loss.


March 15


Bayamon, Puerto Rico: Light Welter: Danny Garcia (28-0) W PTS 12 Mauricio Herrera (20-4). Heavy: Deontay Wilder (31-0) W KO 1 Malik Scott (36-2-1). Feather: Juan Manuel Lopez (34-3) W TKO 2 Daniel Ponce De Leon (45-6). Middle: Daniel Jacobs (27-1) W TKO 1 Milton Nunez (26-10-1). Welter: Ed Paredes (35-3-1) W KO 2 George Sosa (13-7).

Garcia vs. Herrera

A bit of the gloss gets knocked off “Swifty” as he looks lucky to hold onto his WBC title with a very controversial majority decision against challenger Herrera.  Garcia started well enough in this one but then never really seemed to find his top form. Mexican Herrera was supposed to be a homecoming present for Garcia but did not read the script. Garcia made the better start being quicker to the punch and with Herrera perhaps showing the champion too much respect. A hard right straight right in the second shook Garcia but he had done enough to build a lead. At the end of four rounds Garcia was in front 40-36 and 39-37 and even at 38-38. It was that slow start that cost Herrera dearly. Herrera increased his work rate from the fifth and Garcia was under pressure from the non-stop attacks and finding it hard to get any rhythm into his work. Herrera was forcing him back and tying him up when Garcia wanted to work inside. At the end of the eighth Garcia had held onto his lead on two9 cards, bu6t a more representative picture was given by the third card giving Herrera three of the four rounds to put him 77-75 in front. In the ninth a left brought blood flowing from the nose of Garcia but he fired back hard and had a good tenth round. Garcia staged the stronger finish to come home the clear winner on two cards and to claw back the difference on the third but very few agreed with the judges and their scoring of 116-112 twice and 114-114. Garcia had home advantage which probably helped (he was born in Philadelphia but his parents are from Puerto Rico) and he was made to look less than sensational by a tough awkward but not outstanding challenger. Garcia, 25, holds on to both the WBC (5th defence) and WBA (4th defence) titles but has some rebuilding to do on his image after this indifferent performance. He may now move up to welterweight. Herrera, 33, suffered consecutive losses to Mike Alvarado and Karim Mayfield and in their typical cynical manner the WBC had elevated him from No 31 to No 10 without him having a fight. Something wins over Ruslan Provodnikov and Mike Dallas had failed to do in the past.

Wilder vs. Scott

Wilder gets another kayo but either he is the hardest puncher in the world or Scott has a crystal temple. For the first 1 ½ minutes Wilder was centre ring probing with his jab with Scott moving round the perimeter looking for an opening. Suddenly Wilder threw a cuffing left hook which landed over the right ear of Scott and drilled a right through Scott’s gloves which partially blocked the blow. Scott went backwards and down on his side with his right leg sticking out through the ropes. He never looked like getting up and indeed Wilder was leaning on the ropes talking to people outside the ring as the count was going on. Scott was never going to beat the count and was on shaky legs when he finally got up. What makes it so remarkable is that the left hook did not land with the knuckle part of the glove but with the fingers/wrist area. No reason to think it was anything other than a genuine kayo, but too easy for some doubters. One of those temple shots that look light but do the damage. The 28-year-old Wilder moves to 31 consecutive wins by KO/TKO. Second loss inside the distance for 33-year-old Scott in his last three fights, but the stoppage by Dereck Chisora was a different case altogether.

Lopez vs. De Leon

Fireworks were expected in the all-southpaw battle of bangers and fireworks were delivered. De Leon took the first round as he was coming forward using his jab as a range finder and throwing hard southpaw lefts. Both boxers took a couple of hard shots but De Leon was busier. In the second round a left cross from De Leon caught Lopez  high up on the side of his head and the Puerto Rican off balance stumbled back and put his gloves on the canvas. He did not look hurt and straightened up immediately and took the mandatory eight count. A fired up De Leon came forward looking for another punch to finish the fight but was wide open and in a fierce exchange was nailed by a right hook he never even saw. He went down heavily and his legs were unsteady as he took the eight count. Now Lopez was looking for the big punch and he threw a barrage of shots with De Leon on the ropes. De Leon stumbled forward to avoid the shots and his gloves toughed the canvas. He protested over the count but was still unsteady. Lopez took the Mexican to the ropes and blasted away as De Leon covered up and tried to block the shots. Some hard ones got through but many missed or were blocked. The referee leapt in and stopped the fight just as De Leon was starting to punch back. The stoppage may have been early, but there is no doubt that De Leon was hurt and in trouble. At 30, and after three inside the distance losses, two to Orlando Salido and one to Mickey Garcia, a win was a must for former WBO super bantam and feather champion Lopez and he got it, even if it did take him one round longer than when he crushed De Leon in capturing the WBO super bantam title in 2008. De Leon, 33, has been on a switchback ride over the last three years. He has lost to Adrien Broner and Yuriorkis Gamboa, bounced back with wins over Omar Estrella and Eduardo Lazcano and won the WBC feather title by beating Jhonny Gonzalez. He then lost the title to Abner Mares, beat Joksan Hernandez and now is on the down cycle again after this loss.

Jacobs vs. Nunez

The “Golden Child” continues to rebuild as he destroys Colombian. Jacobs was looking for the finish from the start and Nunez looked fragile and apprehensive. A left to the jaw put him down and he was badly hurt. He made it to his feet but was down again from a punch that landed far back on his head. Nunez was up again only for a left hook to floor him and the fight was stopped. The 27-year-old Jacobs is looking hot again. He lost his way a bit after being halted by Dmitry Pirog in 2010 but then had to overcome a much bigger set back in the form of a malignant tumor on his spinal chord. Since returning to the ring in 2012 he has scored five undemanding wins and there is talk of a fight with WBO boss Peter Quillin. Nunez, 26, lasted just 58 seconds against Gennady Golovkin for the interim WBA title in 2010 and is 2-6 in his last 8 fights.

Paredes vs. Sosa

Paredes has no trouble with over matched Sosa and puts him away in two rounds. “The Lion” has 23 wins by KO/TKO and has lost only once, to current IBF light middle champion Carlos Molina, in his last 26 fights. Sosa has lost 3 of his last 4 fights.


Moscow, Russia: Cruiser: Grigory Drozd (38-1) W KO 1 Jeremy Ouanna (14-9). Cruiser: Rakhim Chakhkiev (18-1) W TKO 9 Juho Haapoja (20-5-1). Light Heavy: Sergey Ekimov (9-0) W PTS 8 Nat King (13-22).

Drozd vs. Ouanna

Drozd retains his European title as he puts away Ouanna with one punch. The French challenger started in positive fashion coming forward , probing with his jab and letting go occasional rights. Drozd was content to box on the retreat looking for opening for his own right. He found that opening with 16 seconds left in the round. A crunching right cross landed on the jaw of Ouanna. He never saw it coming and went down on his back. He managed to sit up but the referee looked in his eyes and rightly waived off the rest of the count. First defence of his EBU title for the 34-year-old Russian “Pretty Boy” and his 27th win by KO/TKO. Now 12 wins since losing in five rounds to Firat Arslan in a WBA eliminator in 2006. He is rated WBC 2/WBA 3/WBO 4/IBF 14 and on this form he would be a big threat to any sanctioning body champion. Ouanna, 32, should not have got the title shot but somehow was the official challenger despite being beaten by 9 fight Mairis Breidis in July.

Chakhkiev vs. Haapoja

The strength of Chakhkiev prevailed in this one. The Russian southpaw floored the Finn in the second and finally ground Haapoja down to defeat in the ninth. Haapoja fought back well after the second round knockdown and was able to pierce the guard of Chakhkiev too easily but did not have the power to change the flow. When he was floored again in the ninth the referee stopped the fight after Haapoja made it to his feet. The 31-year-old “Machine” wins the vacant WBC Silver title and gets his second win since being halted in eight rounds in a WBC title fight by Krzys Wlodarczyk in June. He is WBC No 1 so another title fight could come later this year. Haapoja, 33, a former EU champion and EBU No 10, had lost to Silvio Branco for this same title in his last fight in July.

Ekimov vs. King

 Ekimov pays King almost too much respect as after taking the first round he let King take over with the Brit winning the next two rounds despite suffering a cut over his right eye in the second. Ekimov finally got into his stride, overcoming the height and reach advantages of King and swept the last five rounds inflicting a bad cut over the left eye of King in the seventh and winning the unanimous decision. Only the second 8 round fight for the 28-year-old Russian. Welshman King has lost 13 of his last 14 fights but has only failed to last the distance three times.


Liverpool, England: Cruiser: Tony Bellew(21-2-1) W KO 12 Valery Brudov (41-5). Super Middle: Rocky Fielding (18-0) W PTS 12 Charles Adamu (21-6). Welter: Kell Brook (32-0) W TKO 8 Alvaro Robles (17-3). Light: Kevin Mitchell (37-2) W TKO 2  Mikheil Avakyan (21-12-4). Light Middle: Neil Perkins (6-0) W PTS 8 Erick Ochieng (14-4). Middle: John Ryder (16-1) W PTS 6 George Kandelaki (11-5-1)

Bellew vs. Brudov

A beefy-looking Bellew comes through a scare to finish his first fight at cruiser in style. Bellew started well boxing on the back foot and dropped the experienced Russian in the second round with a straight right and again in the sixth with a left followed by a right. The scare came in the seventh when a right from Brudov had Bellew in deep trouble. With Bellew almost out on his feet it looked as though Brudov might be about to end the fight but he landed a borderline punch which was ruled low and saw the action halted whilst Bellew recovered. When the fight restarted the crisis had passed and Bellew saw out the round and then was back in control. Brudov seemed to have punched himself out in that seventh round and Bellew was boxing his way to a points win when he produced a lovely left hook in the last round to put Brudov down and out. A mixed bag from the 31-year-old “Bomber” as he boxed well at times, produced three knockdowns including the final one, but was almost a loser in that seventh round. He wins the vacant WBO International title. Russian Brudov, 37, had only lost inside the distance to Guillermo Jones for the WBA title in 2010 and in 2012 by Ola Afolabi

Fielding vs. Adamu

A totally irresponsible Fielding losses his Commonwealth title on the scales as he comes in almost 7 lbs over the limit despite having met the earlier check weights. Despite the large discrepancy in the weights the fight went ahead with only Adamu able to win the title. Even without the weight the Ghanaian would probably ended a clear loser, but with that added factor he had no chance. Fielding won every round flooring Adamu in the seventh and taking the decision on scores of 120-108 from all three judges. The 26-year-old was being talked about as an opponent for Paul Smith for the British super middle title but his future may lie at light heavy. Adamu, 36, a former Commonwealth champion, lost the title to George Groves in 2010, the only time he has failed to last the distance. He had returned to action in 2013 and run up four wins.

Brook vs. Robles

Brook gives a master class as he outclasses and breaks down gutsy Robles. Brook had height and reach and used them both. Mexican Robles just had no answer to the speed and accuracy of Brook’s left jab which continually set him up for rights which jerked the Mexican’s head back time after time. It was the same pattern round after round with Brook slowly breaking down the resistance of Robles. The Mexican was a willing trier coming forward and throwing hooks on the inside but too often he was forced to soak up punishment from the accuracy of Brook’s jab. He also lost a point in the fourth for a low blow. The fight could have been stopped in the sixth or the seventh but each time it looked about right for a stoppage Robles would escape from the ropes or the corner and throw some shots of his own. By the eighth Robles was down to a plod, cut over the left eye and being caught time and again with jabs and straight rights and the fight was halted as the towel came in. A mark-time fight for “The Special One” the IBF No 1 as he gets win No 22 by KO/TKO. He must surely get a shot at Shawn Porter soon. Robles, the Mexican champion, was brave, too brave, but limited. All of his losses have come by KO/TKO with the others being to Jorge Silva in 2011 and veteran Antonio Pitalua in 2012.  He had won his last four fights inside the distance.

Mitchell vs. Avakyan

Mitchell blows away Georgian inside two rounds. The former WBO title challenger just walked through the visitor flooring him twice in the first round. When he put him down again in the second with a left right combination the referee halted the fight. Too easy for Mitchell who perhaps took a few punches he should have avoided but he got the job done.  Four wins in a row, the last three by KO/TKO, for Mitchell since his loss to Ricky Burns for the WBO title in 2012. The Essex 29-year-old is IBF No 7(5). Sixth loss by KO/TKO for 22-year-old Georgian.

Perkins vs. Ochieng

Perkins just edges out Ochieng with the help of a questionable knockdown in round two making the difference. The 34-year-old southpaw, a top flight amateur for many years, took the nod on the referee’s score card 78-76.  First eight round fight for Perkins. In his time as an amateur he was ABA champion in 2002/3, a European Union Championships gold medal winner, won bronze medals at both the World Amateur Championships and the Commonwealth Games was British Amateur Boxer of the Year and captained the English team. He is 34 but has only been a pro for 17 months. Now two losses in a row for Kenyan-born Ochieng.

Ryder vs. Kandelaki

Ryder was a late addition to the show and had no trouble beating Georgian Kandelaki and handing out a steady beating. Referee’s score 60-53. “The Gorilla” was having his first fight since his epic battle with Billy Joe Saunders in September. A great fight which saw Saunders retain his British and Commonwealth titles on a unanimous decision but only by 1 point on one card and two on each of the others. The 25-year-old Islington southpaw deserves a return with the unbeaten WBO No 3. Kandelaki has only failed to go the distance once in losing.


Bethlehem, PA, USA: Heavy: Vyacheslav Glazkov (17-0-1) W PTS 12 Tomasz Adamek (49-3). Light Heavy: Isaac Chilemba (22-2-2) W PTS 10 Denis Grachev (13-3-1). Welter: Kermit Cintron (35-5-2) W PTS 10 Ronald Cruz (20-3). Light: Karl Dargan (15-0) W PTS 8 Chazz McDowell (6-5-1).

Glazkov vs. Adamek

IBF No 4(3) Adamek started this fight well and finished well, but in between it was the Ukrainian “Czar” who ruled things from round three onwards. Glazkov was the aggressor with Adamek forced on the defensive and trying to avoid being trapped on the ropes. Glazkov was doing a good job of cutting off the ring and scoring with hard rights. By the fourth round Adamek was already showing the effects of the battle and by the mid point Glazkov was already two points ahead on two cards and by three on the other one. Adamek’s right eye was almost closed from the heavy punches of Glazkov and by the end of the eighth he needed a kayo to win. The Pole put in a big effort over the closing four rounds but could not find the punch to finish the job and was still a long way adrift in the points. Scores 117-110, 117-111 and 116-112. Big win for Glazkov as this was an eliminator for the No 2 spot in the IBF ratings which was vacant. This was by far the toughest test for the 29-year-old IBF No 10(9) as he had been built on a soft diet and was held to a draw by Malik Scott in February last year. Huge blow for 37-year-old Adamek who had been hoping to land a second title shot, this one against Wlad Klitschko, having been stopped in ten rounds by Vitali for the WBC title in 2011. At 37 it will be a hard road back.

Chilemba vs. Grachev

This was supposed to be a tough test for Chilemba and it was for the first three minutes. From then on Chilemba bossed the fight leaving Grachev a bruised and bloody loser. The Malawian simple outclassed the limited Russian. Grachev kept marching forward into the punishing fists of Chilemba and was bleeding from the nose and a cut over the left eye by round four. It did not get any better for Grachev who just could not get to grips with the quicker and classier African and only Chilemba’s lack of a big punch denied him an inside the distance win. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90. As the WBC No 2 the 26-year-old from Malawi is in line for a shot at Adonis Stevenson. His only loss was to Tony Bellew in May for the WBC Silver title. Grachev burst through with an upset win over then unbeaten Ismayl Sillakh in 2012, but losses to Lucien Bute and Edwin Rodriguez had seen him drop to No 7 in the WBC ratings.

Cintron vs. Cruz

This all-Puerto Rican scrap was won by the more experienced battler. Former IBF welter champion Cintron is not as sharp as he was but still had the skills to win this one but it was very close. They exchange heavy shots from the outset and by the third round Cruz was sporting a cut over his right eye. That seemed to divert the younger man and Cintron was able to get his nose in front over the following rounds. The fight was an inside affair with both covered in the blood from the Cruz cut and Cintron just did enough to keep a couple of rounds ahead. Cruz rallied over the final two rounds and came close but just failed. Scores 96-94 from all three judges. The 34-year-old Cintron makes it two wins and a draw since being halted by Saul Alvarez for the WBC light middle title in 2011. He will be hoping this win will get him back in the ratings. Cruz, based in Bethlehem, had scored three wins in his rebuilding campaign after back-to-back losses to Antwone Smith and Ray Narh.

Dargan vs. McDowell

Dargan wins but again fails to excite. He was far too classy for poor Richardson. He never looked like losing a round but never looked like finishing Richardson early. Scores 80-72 from all three judges. Dargan is like a black “Matt Korobov” an outstanding amateur with loads of talent but just never seems to catch alight (Korobov is now doing better than he was). The 28-year-old from Philadelphia was US Amateur champion in 2005 and 2006 and Pan American Games champion in 2007. In fairness McDowell has never been stopped but he is way below Dargan in class.


San Miguel, Argentina: Heavy: Marcelo Dominguez (46-7-1) W PTS 8 Manuel A Pucheta (37-9). Super Fly:  Carlos R D Ruiz (18-3) W PTS 10 Roberto C M Marin (13-32-2).

Dominguez vs. Pucheta

Dominguez outpoints Pucheta but some unbelievable scoring. The former WBC cruiser champion seemed to dominate every round. Dominguez was able to get through with hard shots with little coming back from a rusty Pucheta. Dominguez had the best of it in close and at a distance and the fight became very one-sided. One judge called it right at 80-72 but the others reportedly scored it 79-77 and 79-78 (five rounds even?). The 44-year-old “El Gordo” the FAB No 4 ( the first three places are “vacant”) was inactive from December 2006 until May 2013 and has scored four wins since returning. Pucheta, 42, was having his first fight since June 2012.

Ruiz vs. Marin

“Bad Boy” Ruiz gets the majority decision but it is desperate at the end. The superior skills of Ruiz dominated the early rounds as he was too quick  for Marin. Ruiz was scoring freely to head and body and seemed on his was to a wide decision. Then he ran out of gas. Over the last four rounds he had nothing left in the tank and allowed Marin to sweep all four rounds. Scores 97-93, 96-94 and 95-95. The 28-year-old Ruiz admitted that he had not trained hard for the fight and nearly paid the price. He wins the vacant WBC Latino title as he rebounds from a kayo loss to Luis Concepcion for the WBC Silver title in October. He is FAB No 4 flyweight. “Pinocchio” Marin, 29, just lacked the power to pull off the upset. He is FAB No 3-of 3.


Los Cabos, Mexico: Light: Patricio Moreno (13-0) W KO 9 Jorge Martinez (11-12-1). Super Bantam: Rey Vargas (19-0) W TKO 8 Sylvester Lopez (21-7-2). Super Feather: Edgar Puerta (23-4-1) W TKO 3 Manuel Castro (18-4). Light Fly: Raul Garcia (34-3-1) W TKO 1 Arcadio Salazar (11-15-2).

Moreno vs. Martinez

Young Moreno continues to improve and impress as he kayos Martinez in nine rounds to win the vacant WBC Fecarbox title. There was constant toe-to-toe action before Moreno delivered his bomb in the ninth to end the fight. The 18-year-old southpaw makes it 10 wins by KO/TKO. He turned pro at 16. Former champion Martinez has now lost his last three by KO/TKO.

Vargas vs. Lopez

Vargas has to climb off the floor to preserve his unbeaten record. The tall, skinny Mexican, a Salvador Sanchez look-alike, was floored in the second but was not in any real trouble. After that Vargas handed out a one-sided beating to the useful Filipino constantly forcing him on the back foot and scoring with heavy shots from both hands. Lopez tried to bang back but was out-powered and by the end of the seventh he was battered and bruised and retired due to a sprained ankle. The 23-year-old Nacho Beristan guided Vargas retains his WBC Youth Silver title and makes it 16 wins by KO/TKO. Vargas represented Mexico at both the Senior and Junior World Championships and is currently IBF 5(4) and WBC 15. Lopez, 26, loses inside the distance for only the second time. The former WBC Silver champion at super fly lost on points to Yota Sato  for the WBC title in 2012. He is currently GAB No 7 super bantam.

Puerta vs. Castro

Former WBC Silver champion Puerta just too much for late sub Castro. Puerta handed out a one-sided beating to his unfortunate fellow-Mexican and Casrtro’s corner retired him at the end of the third round. Puerta, 31, has won 12 in a row and has 19 wins by KO/TKO. He is WBC 2/WBO 3 so within touching distance of a world title fight. Three losses in a row for 21-year-old Castro including a three round stoppage by Javier Fortuna.

Garcia vs. Salazar

Garcia overpowers poor Salazar. The former IBF & WBO straw champion went to work straight away and soon had Salazar crumbling. A barrage put Salazar down heavily and the referee quickly stopped the fight. The 31-year-old southpaw has 21 wins by KO/TKKO. He is WBC No 2 strawweight and in his last fight lost a split decision to Pedro Guevara for the WBC Silver light fly title. Now 14 losses by KO/TKO for poor Salazar.


Tapachula, Mexico: Super Bantam: Fernando Montiel (51-4-2) W PTS 10 Cristobal Cruz (40-16-3). Super Feather: Luis E Flores (16-1) W TKO 1 Miguel Berchelt (21-1).

Montiel vs. Cruz

Montiel wins but teak-tough Cruz pushes him all the way. It looked as though it was going to be an early night when Montiel floored Cruz in both the second and fourth rounds, but the former IBF feather champion was not finished and fought back hard. Montiel often found himself on the back foot but fought a smart fight scoring with sharp counters as Cruz tried to get back into the fight. Cruz was handicapped by not being able to see some of Montiel’s shots due to his left eye being closed by a swelling under the eye and never managed to close the points gap completely with the two knockdowns costing him the chance to make it a majority draw. Scores 97-91, 96-92 and 94-94.The 35-year-old “Cochulito” , a former WBO fly/super fly/bantam champion still has hopes of winning a title in a fourth division. Cruz, 36, is fading, but slowly. He has won only one of his last six fights but is still a hard nut to crack for anyone.

Flores vs. Berchelt

Huge upset as unheralded Colombian Flores lands a left cross that puts the unbeaten Mexican down and the fight is over. Flores was having his first fight outside Colombia and now has 14 wins by KO/TKO. He had lost on points to Wilfrido Buelvas in July then rebounded with two wins, but his opposition had been poor. Now he has a win over the WBO 2/WBC No 6 rated fighter and will be in demand. The 22-year-old “Scorpion” Berchelt had won his last 7 fights by KO/TKO including a five round stoppage of Cristobal Cruz so this was a big set-back. He is young enough to come again.


Ciudad Neza, Mexico: Bantam: Edgar Jimenez (17-10-1) W KO 4 Luis Antonio Olguin (8-3-1). Jimenez wins the vacant WBC Fecarbox title with stoppage of Olguin. “Power” Jimenez just had too much skill for the southpaw “Clown” Olguin tried to force the fight but Jimenez was able to block or avoid the best shots from Olguin and pick off the inexperienced fight with hard counters. After a painful third round Olguin was put down and out in the fourth. Jimenez, 21, a former Mexican and Fecarbox flyweight champion, goes to 13 wins by KO/TKO. Olguin, 22, was in his first fight scheduled for more than eight rounds and the lack of experience was evident.


Managua, Nicaragua: Light: Jose Alfaro (27-8-1,1ND) W KO 7 Marcos Mojica (13-2-2). An ambitious attempt by Mojica in this all-Nicaraguan battle came to an end in the seventh. The “Bombardero” was making a big jump and it proved too much. This one nearly ended early as former secondary WBA light champion Alfaro, inactive since September 2012, actually showed no signs of rust as he dumped Mojica on the canvas in both the first and second rounds. Mojica steadied himself in the third only to end up on the floor again in the fourth. He gamely fought back and was competitive in the next two rounds. However, when Alfaro put him down again in the seventh the fight was over. The 30-year-old Alfaro now has 23 wins by KO/TKO. Mojica, 28, had lost his unbeaten tag to Oliver Flores in September but bounced back with a win in January.


Agoncillo, Philippines: Super Bantam: JR Magboo (13-0-2) W Jhunriel Ramonal (13-6-4). Prospect “Nightmare” Magboo wins the Philippines title with stoppage of champion Ramonal.  The 24-year-old home town fighter floored Ramonal twice before halting him in the seventh. Only rated No 9 by the GAB, Magboo was the wrong choice for a voluntary defence as he moves to six wins by KO/TKO. Ramonal, also 24, is now 1-2-3 in his last six fights.


Paranaque City, Philippines: Straw: Florante Condes (27-8-1) W TKO 7 Cris Alfante (10-2). Condes overcomes a bad cut to get a win over promising young southpaw Alfante. Condes, a former IBF champion, had shaken Alfante with a left in the third, but was behind in this one and bleeding heavily from a cut over his left eye when he landed a stunning straight southpaw left which won him the fight. The cut was bad enough for Condes to be on borrowed time but he found the punch he needed. The 33-year-old “Genius” again shows his power as he makes it 23 wins by KO/TKO and captures the vacant IBF Pan Pacific title. Alfante, 21, and also a southpaw, showed enough in this fight to confirm he is a rising prospect and will bounce back.


Arlamow, Poland: Heavy: Andrzej Wawrzyk (29-1) W TKO 5 Frans Botha (48-11-3). Super Feather: Krzys Cieslak (22-5) W TKO 4 Khavazhy Khatsyhau (10-6). Heavy: Marcin Rekowski (13-1) W KO 3 Mateusz Malujda (4-3-1).

Wawrzyk vs. Botha

There was not a great deal of action over the first three rounds, but Wawrzyk began to control the fight from the fourth. In the fifth a left followed by a straight right from the Pole put Botha on the floor. The South African managed to get to his feet but was taking punishment on the ropes and the referee stopped the fight just as the towel came flying in. The 6’5” (195cm) Wawrzyk makes it 15 wins by KO/TKO against a loss to Alex Povetkin for the secondary WBA title in May. The 26-year-old is running a senior boxers benefit as his last three wins have been over Robert Hawkins 43, Danny Williams 40 and now the 45-year-old Botha. Nice to see someone caring for the elderly. Former IBF champion (until his positive test result) Botha has lost 7 of his last 8 fights and is fighting on his name alone.

Cieslak vs. Khatsyhau

This one was nearly an upset as the former top amateur from Belarus had the local fighter Cieslak down in the first, in serious trouble, and almost out. By the third southpaw Khatsyhau was puffing and blowing and by the fourth he was exhausted and just collapsed. Cieslak, the 28-year-old Polish “Scorpion” has rebounded from three losses in a row to register four wins on the bounce but he was lucky that Khatsyhau was poorly prepared. The 36-year-old Khatsyhau has lost 6 of his last 7 fights. He was born in Russia but when he could not get into the Russian national team he moved to Belarus and represented them at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics and the 2003 World Championships and won a gold medal at the 2002 European Championships. He did not turn pro until he was 33.

Rekowski vs. Malujda

In a battle of former Polish amateur internationals Rekowski bounces back from his split decision loss to Oliver McCall with a kayo of Malujda. The 36-year-old “T-Rex” floored Malujda in the second and ended the fight in the third with a thunderous left hook. The reward is likely to be a return with McCall in late April. Rekowski represented Poland at the 2010 European Championships (losing to Roberto Cammarelle) and 2011 European Championships and did not turn pro until he was 34. Malujda, 31, has disappointed after being a Polish champion as an amateur. These two are old enemies with Rekowski beating Malujda in the finals of the Polish Championships in 2008 and Malujda getting revenge in the finals the following year.


Durban, South Africa: Fly: Moruti Mthalane (30-2) W PTS 12 Jether Oliva (20-2-2). Middle: Chris Buthelezi (22-12-3) W PTS 12 Giovanni Bushby (4-3-1).

Mthalane vs. Oliva

Mthalane is a champion again after a split decision win over Filipino Oliva. From the second Mthalane was handicapped by a lump under his left eye. Oliva was the aggressor but Mthalane had a solid defence and was able to pile up the points with fast, accurate counters against the static Oliva. Mthalane was in control when he kept Oliva on the outside as the Filipino was really only effective with body shots. Oliva tried hard but Mthalane was just too experienced and won on scores of 117-112 and 116-112 for Mthalane and a 115-113 for Oliva-from the Filipino judge naturally. First fight for 18 months for former undefeated IBF champion Mthalane, 31, who gave away his title rather than make a defence in Thailand for a derisory purse. Oliva, 26, lost to Ulises Solis for the IBF light fly title in 2011 but was then inactive for almost two years. He had registered three wins and a draw since his return.

Buthelezi vs. Bushby

Buthelezi makes a successful third defence of his national title with a wide unanimous decision over novice Bushby. Scores 120-108, 120-111 and 117-111. Buthelezi has found some form and is 6-0-2 in his last eight fights. Bushby, currently the only white fighter from East London, just lacked the experience to handle the strength of the champion.


Reading, England: Light Heavy: Bob Ajisafe (12-2) W PTS 12 Dean Francis (34-5-1). Light Heavy: Leon Senior (10-2-1) TEC Draw 2 Tony Hill (13-3-1). Light Middle: Peter McDonagh (22-28-1) W PTS 10 John Hutchinson (5-1-2). Light Welter: Lenny Daws (27-3-2) W PTS 8 Arek Malek (13-65-4).

Ajisafe vs. Francis

A big, awkward southpaw against a 40-year-old veteran may not sound like the ingredients for a blazing battle, but that is what this pair served up. Ajisafe took the first round using his huge advantages in height and reach to score on the outside. Francis was throwing more punches and took the second. Ajisafe than took over and bossed the next four rounds as he often had the veteran under heavy pressure. Francis was under fire in the fifth and sixth and looked all at sea at times with a mouse under his right eye restricting his vision. At the end of the sixth it looked like there could be only one winner. That’s when the guts and experience of Francis came into play and over the next three rounds he scored with good rights and kept plowing forward as the fight swung his way. Ajisafe needed to turn the fight around and he did so with his jab and long lefts as Francis faded. Scores 116-112 twice and a harsh 118-112, all for 28-year-old Ajisafe who wins the vacant British title. Hopefully after only one fight each in 2009/2010/2011/2012 and 2013 he will get more work as this was the first fight in a light heavyweight tournament. Francis, a former British and Commonwealth champion had been out of the ring for three years but registered three wins since returning.

Senior vs. Hill

This one was over almost before it started. It looked like an equal match in the first round but a clash of heads in the second left Senior with a bad vertical cut above the inside of his left eye and it was declared a technical draw. Senior therefore retains his BBB of C Southern Area title and with Hill’s injury ruling him out Senior goes into the next round of the tournament.

McDonagh vs. Hutchinson

The vast experience of McDonagh proved too much for Hutchinson to overcome and McDonagh wins the vacant Irish title with the referee scoring it 98-93. The 36-year-old well travelled “Connemara Kid” has won four and drawn one of his last five fights. Hutchinson had only 24 rounds of boxing behind him and will have learned a lot from this one.

Daws vs. Malek

Former British and European Union champion Daws, 35, gets eight rounds of action against experienced survivalist Malek and wins every round. Referee’s score 80-72. Second win for Daws since losing his European Union title on a controversial decision against Michele Di Rocco in June.


Lusaka, Zambia: Welter: Charles Manyuchi (13-2-1) W TKO 8 Patrick Allotey (30-1). Bantam: Pethias Chisenga (3-2) W PTS 12 Gibon Kamota (7-3-1).

Manyuchi vs. Allotey

Zambian-based Zimbabwean Manyuchi win the vacant WBC International title with controversial stoppage of unbeaten Ghanaian Allotey. This was a messy, bad tempered fight with Allotey losing a point in the fourth for various infractions including holding to rabbit punching. Manyuchi had built a lead but trouble flared again in the eighth when both were deducted a point. Allotey decided he was not getting a fair shake from the South African referee and after going down without being hit and despite urging from the referee showed no inclination to get up and the fight was stopped. Manyuchi has won ten and drawn one of his last eleven fights and is the African Boxing Union champion. Allotey, holder of the WBC International Silver title, is a former Ghanaian champion and had run up 24 wins by KO/TKO although some of the opposition had been poor.

Chisenga vs. Kamota

Chisenga wins the vacant Zambian title with a unanimous decision over Kamota. Despite giving away height and reach to his older opponent Chisenga just had too much skill and power and floored Kamota twice on his way to a unanimous decision. Chisenga, who represented Zambia at the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2008, is 1-2 in a series with world rated Namibian Abmerk Shindjuu with all three bouts being in Namibia and the losses both being majority decisions. Kamota had won 6 of his last 7 fights.